Richard I Penny Canterbury class IVa, moneyer Meinir

World Coins - Richard I Penny Canterbury class IVa, moneyer Meinir
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Richard I (1189-99), silver short cross Penny, class IVa, Canterbury Mint, moneyer Meinir, facing crowned bust with sceptre outside inner linear circle, legend commences upper left, hENRICVS R EX, rev. short voided cross pommee, cross pommee in each angle, beaded circles and legend surrounding, +MEINIR. ON, CANT, weight 1.39g (cf.Mass 879; N.968/1; S.1348A). Toned struck a little off-centre, otherwise good very fine.
All of the coins dating to the reign of Richard I by class, are depicted in the name of his Father King Henry II as are those of King John who succeeds him. The legend therefore reads "Henry King" on the obverse and "Meinir of Canterbury" on the reverse.

Ex Studio Coins February 2001, therefore first time offered for sale in over 15 years. 
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