Septimius Severus AE20 Kybele Seated, Lions, Tympanum Markianopolis gVF

Ancient Coins - Septimius Severus AE20 "Kybele Seated, Lions, Tympanum" Markianopolis gVF
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Septimius Severus Moesia, Markianopolis Mint 193-211 AD Obverse: AV ? CE?T CEYH?OC, laureate draped and cuirassed bust right Reverse: MAPKIANO?O?IT?N Kybele seated left on throne, holding patera and resting hand upon tympanum; lion to left and right References: Varbanov 723-5 Size: 20mm, 4.70g Professional Numismatic Notes: Good VF; attractive green patina
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