1 Sharp Fiberglass Magic Cleaning Pencil Tool Cleaning and Restoring Ancient Roman & Greek Coins

Ancient Coins - 1 Sharp Fiberglass Magic Cleaning Pencil Tool Cleaning and Restoring Ancient Roman & Greek Coins
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COINS ARE NOT INCLUDED. Price is for 1 Sharp Fiberglass Magic Cleaning Pencil.

Safely and Quickly removes dirt and debris from coins!

The Fiber Glass Magic Cleaning Pencil
The magic behind this pencil is the safe fiberglass core (it is safe because it does not create splinters when used properly). Fiberglass is a hard, yet breakable material. It is harder than much of the dirt you'll find on ancient coins and artifacts, but softer than the metal and also softer than most patinas. What this equates to is a tool that can be pressed fairly hard without damaging your coins or their patinas! An added bonus of this pencil is that the point will come to you very sharp, and with careful and diligent sharpening techniques, the sharpness can be preserved. It is also quite handy in safely cleaning silvered and silver coins, though caution should be used (and it might leave some shinny spots, but it shouldn't damage the coin unless you press extra hard). It can be most useful in a kind of intermediate cleaning, where one desires to leave some dirt or to work on a soft patina. A good example of this type of cleaning is the beloved 'desert patina' where soil is left to highlight the details. As long as the point is sharpened adequately, one can also use this for fine detail work very safely. As you may be aware, there are dangers associated with working and touching normal fiberglass, namely the splinters that break off and lodge themselves in your skin, splinters that are very irritating and difficult to remove. THIS PENCIL WILL NOT DO THAT! Other 'fiberglass brushes' and 'fiberglass pens' do this, but this pencil is specifically designed to have all of the benefits of fiberglass with none of the side effects! What you're left with is a great cleaning tool that is safe for both the coin and yourself!

As with any cleaning method, it is best not to inhale the dust created by the coins nor the pencils themselves. It is also a good idea to wash your hands after cleaning coins, especially with fiberglass.

A note on sharpening: Use the small hole to remove the wood portion. This should only be done when the point has become too dull to sharpen. It should also be done with extra care because the splinters that come off with the wood can be dangerous if handled, so it is best to avoid them. Then, use the sand-paper to refine the tip. I recommend placing the tip flat on the sandpaper and pulling the pencil towards you WHILE turning the pencil in a circular motion (you should practice this. You can do so using a normal household #2 pencil). It is best to continuously refine the tip rather than letting it get too dull.

I want it to be perfectly clear before you buy that due to the delicate way that these pencils are manufactured, the useful portion (the 'lead') of the Fiberglass Pencils only extends about 1/5 of the way down the shaft . With proper sharpening techniques and careful use, these pencils can last through many cleanings. I just don't want anyone to be shocked when the pencil runs out much sooner than anticipated. As with all cleaning methods, it is recommended that you practice on culls/junk before using it on good coins.

These pencils are sold as-is with the only warranty being that the pencil will be roughly as pictured (the wood color varies by shades of brown and the tips vary by a slight degree) and will be of good quality. They are manufactured to the HIGHEST degree of quality. With that being said, through normal use, they will wear out and will need to be replaced (and you can obtain them here). Giving you an estimate as to the lifespan of the pencils is not possible due to varying frequency and intensity of use, but you can expect to clean many coins without needing to replace it. The useful portion of the Fiberglass Pencil (the center filling) DOES NOT go all the way through. In fact, it only goes about 1/5 of the way down the shaft of the pencil. With that being said, with proper sharpening techniques and careful use, they should still last a while. Lighter cleaning jobs will make your pencils last longer, as will proper sharpening procedures. Pressing extra hard on the tip will cause it to wear much faster, so you should use harder tools on such encrustations.

Ancient Coins - 1 Sharp Fiberglass Magic Cleaning Pencil Tool Cleaning and Restoring Ancient Roman & Greek Coins
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