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PTOLEMY 11 PHILADELPHUS.  ( 308 BC - Cos-died 246 BC). King of Egypt.
Silver tetradrachm. 14,12 gr. ST. 12. Struck in Alexandria, year 20.
Diademed head of Ptolemy 1 Soter to the right, wearing the royal aegis around his neck, small delta behind his ear.
Royal tittles, Eagle standing left on thunderbolt.  In lefdt field P above monogram.
Svoronos 255. SNG /cop. 71.
On edge a little corosion and hornsilver. otherwise a beautiful nicely toned portrait. Almost extremely fine/
extremely fine.
Philadelphus extended his power by skillful diplomacy, developed agriculture and commerce, and made the
city of Alexandria a leading centre of the arts and science.
Our Tetradrachm shows the head of his father, and founder of the dynasty made by the famous diecutter
who signed with the delta sign behind the ear.  He became soleruler in 283-282 BC, and purged
his family of possible rivals.
His first wife, Arsinoe 1 was banished from court. She was the daughter of King Lisimachus of Trace.
Philadelphus married his own sister, Arsinoe 11, and event that shocked Greek public opinion but was celebrated
by the Alexandrian court poets. Egyptian embassies to Rome and even to India reflect the wide range
of Ptolemy,s political and commercial interests.
Alexandria played a leading role in arts and science. Throughout the whole Mediterranean world the King
acquired a reputation for being a generous patron of poets and scholars. surrounding himself with a host
of court poets, such as Callimachus and Theocritus, he expanded the famous library and financed the
He was no man of peace, but neither was he one of the warlike Hellenistic Soldier-kings.
a prudent and enlightened ruler, he found his strength in diplomatic ability and his satisfaction in a
vast curiosity of mind. Well aware of the fact that his father died in his own bed and not murdered
by a palace coupe. Of Philadelphus himself, it was said that by disposition he was kindly, expressing
regret at being compelled by reasons of policy to order the death of men who otherwise were quitte
estimable. He died in 246 BC, aged about sixty, and by and large his reign was a succesful one.
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