[Islamic]. Lot of four Byzantine-imitative Islamic Æ.

Ancient Coins - [Islamic]. Lot of four Byzantine-imitative Islamic Æ.
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[Islamic]. Lot of four Byzantine-imitative Islamic Æ. Includes a cut pseudo-Byzantine issue, very crude // an Arab-Byzantine fulus from the Umayyad period // and two later issues. Fair to Fine.

Concerning my images of group lots.

I sometimes receive inquiries asking for additional images of items in my group lots category. Because of both time constraints and the wholesale nature of these listings, I rarely have the time to do additional photography. If I believe a group lot justifies more than one image to best illustrate it, I will have already taken it and appended it to the listing (e.g., if this lot warrants an additional image, you should see it below). Of course I would love to accommodate every request of this nature, but for me to continue to offer wholesale group lots there must be some trade off.

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