VF/VF Carian Satraps / Hekatomnos 1/12 Stater RRR

Ancient Coins - VF/VF Carian Satraps / Hekatomnos 1/12 Stater RRR
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Attribution: Unpublished
Date: 395-377 BC
Obverse: Head of lion roaring l. E above nose
Reverse: Stellate pattern
Description: A very rare issue and verified by the author of his doctoral thesis "The Coinage of the Hekatomnids in Caria" Koray Konuk...."Yes it is indeed a Milesian-type obol of Hekatomnos probably minted at Mylasa. When I submitted my thesis I had only recorded 6 specimens. Since then several more have surfaced and I have now 18 in my files (including yours)" See CNG sale 53 Lot 506 which sold for $1000 and CNG sale 60 lot 794 which went unsold with an estimate of $500
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