gVF/aVF Jovian AE 1 / Emperor holding Victory

Ancient Coins - gVF/aVF Jovian AE 1 / Emperor holding Victory
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Attribution: RIC VIII Thessalonica 238
Date: 363-364 AD
Obverse: D N JOVIANV-S P F P P AVG, Draped and cuirassed, laurel and rosette diademed bust right
Reverse: VICTORIA ROMANORVM, Emperor in military dress stg. R. holding Victory with wreath on a globe in l. hand and standard with Chi Rho in r. hand. Pellet TESB pellet in exergue.
Size: 27.98 mm
Weight: 8.7 grams
Description: A beautiful Bronze of Jovian. A few small surface abrasions and one large gouge to bare metal, otherwise a magnificent coin.
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