SIKYONIA, Sikyon. AR Obol (0.82g), c. 360-330 BC.

Ancient Coins - SIKYONIA, Sikyon. AR Obol (0.82g), c. 360-330 BC.
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Dove alighting / Dove flying. KK 33 (this coin); BCD 241 (this coin). good Extremely Fine, lustrous metal.

Ex: BCD collection.

Ex: Kato Klitoria Hoard of 1980.

Note on the Kato Klitoria Hoard: In 1980, a small jug (oenochoe) containing 83 silver coins was found in Northern Arkadia, near ancient Kleitor. Evidence from the find suggested the small hoard had been buried for over 2300 years. Of the 83 coins found, 71 were obols, 17 of which, of Sikyon origin. All of the Peloponnesian coins from the Kato Klitoria hoard are of high grade, and are noted for their excellent metal quality. The hoard is cataloged by J. Warren in Essays: Kraay-Morkholm (1989).

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