DOMITIAN AE dupondius. Imperial branch mint in Thrace, struck following Domitian's accession in 81 AD. Roma seated left.

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DOMITIAN AE dupondius. Imperial branch mint located in Thrace/Bithynia. Struck 81-82 AD, shortly after Domitian's accession. IMP D CAES DIVI VESP F AVG P M TR P COS VIII, radiate head right. Reverse - ROMA, Roma seated left, holding wreath & parazonium. Old RIC 446, previously attributed to Lugdunum. New RIC 839, now attributed to an Imperial mint operating in Thrace. Rare (R2). 26.5mm, 13.0g.

This interesting coin represents a 'cross-over' type in the period following the untimely death of Titus. The legend and type, with some minor variation, were used to strike Domitian's coins while he was still Caesar under his older brother. Domitian's coinage went on to frequently invoke Minerva, at the expense of the rest of the Roman pantheon.
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