Sinope Paphlagonia AE20 Medusa on Aegis / Flying Nike Very Fine

Ancient Coins - Sinope Paphlagonia AE20 Medusa on Aegis / Flying Nike Very Fine
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Sinope, Paphlagonia, c. 105 - 85 B.C.
GB89151. Bronze AE 24, SSNG BM 1536; BMC Pontus p. 100, 47 var. (M); SNG Stancomb 800 var. (ME monogram); SNG Cop 309 var. (monogram); HGC 7 419; SNGvA -, aVF, obverse off center, 7.886g, 24.0mm, 0o, Sinope (Sinop, Turkey) mint, Aegis with facing head of Medusa (gorgoneion) in center; reverse Nike flying right, palm frond over shoulder in both hands, ΣΙΝ−ΩΠΗΣ divided across field, monogram lower right
Long used as a Hittite port, Sinope was re-founded as a Greek colony by Miletus in the 7th century B.C. Sinope flourished as the Black Sea port of a caravan route that led from the upper Euphrates valley. The city escaped Persian domination until the early 4th century B.C. In 183 B.C. it was captured by Pharnaces I and became the capital of the kingdom of Pontus. Lucullus conquered Sinope for Rome in 70 B.C., and Julius Caesar established a Roman colony there, Colonia Julia Felix, in 47 B.C. It remained with the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantines). It was a part of the Empire of Trebizond from the sacking of Constantinople by the Fourth Crusade in 1204 until the capture of the city by the Seljuk Turks of Rûm in 1214.
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