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Ancient Coins - Lot of 19 Roman Bronze
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Lot of 19 Roman Bronzes, Mostly 1st Century A.D., Middle Bronze
LT87181. Bronze Lot, Lot of 19 Roman bronzes, 10.5mm - 34.7mm, Fair to Fine, two cut for change, mostly but not all, Rome mint, the actual coins in the photograph, no tags or flips, as-is, no returns
List of types from consignor (not verified nor guaranteed by Forum): Augustus, AE as, legend around SC. Augustus, cut 1/2 of a Nemausus dupondius. Agrippa, cut 1/2 of a Nemausus dupondius. Divus Augustus, AE as, altar. Another, AE as, Livia seated right. Tiberius as Caesar, AE as, legend around SC, RIC 44. Tiberius as Caesar, AE as, Altar of Lugdunum. Time of Tiberius, countermarks TICAE and AVG on a worn Augustus as. Caligula, quadrans, liberty cap. Agrippa, AE as, Neptune standing. Antonia, dupondius, Claudius standing. Claudius, dupondius, Ceres seated. Claudius, AE as, Constantia standing. Claudius, quadrans. Hadrian, AE as, goddess and altar. Domitian, sestertius, Jupiter seated. Nerva, sestertius, Roma seated, RIC II 91. Hadrian, 2/3 dupondius (8.32g), Pax. Hadrian, AE “uncia” (1.46g) SC in wreath, RIC II 629b.
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