RAJKOT, Dharmendra Singh Silver medal, 1945

Ancient Coins - RAJKOT, Dharmendra Singh Silver medal, 1945
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Obverse Radiate solar disc rising over watery horizon, legend above: Rajkot State
Reverse Gazelle leaping left over crescent with legend, legend below: Rajkot, and date below that: 1945; two tridents arranged at an angle on either side, lingam ? above all.
Date 1945
Weight 5.86 gm.
Diameter 20 mm.
Die axis 12 o'clock
Reference KM Y1a
Comments As far as we know, Rajkot did not issue any coins for circulation. This must have been a presentation piece, minted (according to Krause) in a small run of 1,000. The rulers of Rajkot must have been Saivite, as indicated by the presence of the tridents, the gazelle and the lingam above.
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