INDIA, KUSHAN: Huvishka AE tetradrachm, Elephant-rider/Ardochsho. RARE!

Ancient Coins - INDIA, KUSHAN: Huvishka AE tetradrachm, Elephant-rider/Ardochsho. RARE!
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Obverse King riding on elephant right, holding spear, Bactrian legend around: �aonano�ao oo...h�kε Ko�ano.
Reverse Goddess of plenty Ardochsho standing left, nimbate, holding cornucopia in left arm, right hand outstretched, proffering diadem, Bactrian legend at right: APΔOX&Thorn;O, tamgha at left.
Date c. 150-191 CE
Weight 10.86 gm.
Diameter 23-24 mm.
Die axis 11 o'clock
Reference Göbl 878, MAC ---
Comments Huvishka's coppers come with three different obverses: the elephant-rider, the couch-recliner, and the cross-legged, and with numerous reverse deities.

This coin is a rare type, unlisted in Mitchiner, and is very significant. Ardochsho is shown here nimbate and holding out a diadem. In his Rabatak inscription, Kanishka had named the Goddess Nanaia as the source of his royal status, and this coin illustrates that Ardochsho is a reincarnation of Nanaia, as she is here the one bestowing the royal diadem on Kanishka's son Huvishka.

It is also interesting to note the pose adopted by Ardochsho on this coin ... a classic tribhanga, or three part stance, famous in Indian iconography, in which the deity's hip sways to one side, opposite shoulder to the other, and then the head tilts back in the direction of the hip, creating a very graceful S-shaped (or, in this case, reverse S-shaped) curve.
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