INDIA, DELHI SULTANATE, Ghiyath al-din Balban (1266-87) Silver tanka of Hadrat Dehli.

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Obverse Legend
Reverse Legend, in the name of the Caliph al-Must'asim
Date AH 664-686 (1266-1287 CE)
Weight 10.56 gm.
Diameter 29 mm.
Die axis 5 o'clock
Reference Rajgor 935, Goron-Goenka D158
Comments Wavy flan. This variety has a double square within the circular border on the obverse.

Balban was the previous sultan's Lord Chamberlain, and also his father-in-law. When Mahmud died, there was no male heir in the house of Iltutmish, and Balban came to the throne. He proved to be an able ruler, who restored some order to the sultanate.

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