Heraclius 610-641 A.D. Follis Nicomedia Mint Good Fine

Ancient Coins - Heraclius 610-641 A.D. Follis Nicomedia Mint Good Fine
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AE Follis 8.30g. 28mm. 624-627 A.D. Nicomedia Mint

Heraclius (at center), Heraclius Constantine (on r.), and Empress Martina (on l.) standing facing, each holding globus cruciger.

Large M, monogram to l., ANNO and cross above, X/? (year) to r., (gamma) below; In ex.: N[IKO]

SB 836

Scarce. Dark brown patina with some coppery high points. Very unusual ragged flan.


A scarce mint for the type. This example is struck on a highly unusual, ragged flan; we have not found another example so crude. Though much of the mintmark is missing and the first letter is so crudely engraved that it is nearly illegible, the style of the obverse and the overall crude manufacture indicate Nicomedia. An interesting example.

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