Greco: Massachusetts Cents & Half Cents - Three Photographic plates.

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P[hilip] Greco: The Copper Coinage of Massachusetts, 1962, three fine photographic plates - two (8x10") depict cents while the third (5x7") depicts half cents. Plate 1 portrays re-designated (different from Ryder/Crosby) obverses 1-11 and reverses A-L; Plate 2 depicts obverses 12-19, 100-103 and reverses M-U, AA-DD; Plate 3 depicts half cent obverses 1-6 and Reverses A-D plus an additional state of B, all coins with connecting ligatures shown. The legendary “Greco plates.” Rare and not in the Champa, Bass or Ford libraries. Apparently not seen by Breen who comments in his Encyclopedia “Philip Greco’s photographic plates 1960 (note the plates are clearly marked “copyright 1962”) are rare and difficult of access even in third generation copies and the lack of accompanying descriptions has limited their usefulness.” The high quality specimens, many in lustrous mint state, are a perfect match for the superb photography and far surpass the Taylor or Vlack plates in sharpness. Phil Greco was one of the co-founders of the Colonial Newsletter and supposedly prepared the plates in a limited quantity - probably no more than 10 sets. Generally unknown to colonial specialists, the sole cataloguer who has referred to them is Michael Hodder who baffled a number of readers in the Norweb sale by headlining three lots each as the “Greco Plate Coin.”
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