Nero AE orichalcum dupondius - Rome Mint - Scarce

Ancient Coins - Nero AE orichalcum dupondius - Rome Mint - Scarce
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Nero AE orichalcum dupondius.
Size: 28mm Weight: 12.63 grams
Obverse: NERO CLAVD CAESAR AVG GER P M TR P IMP P P, radiate head right.
Reverse: Roma seated left on cuirass holding wreath, SC in fields, ROMA in exergue.
One of the first 'true' Imperial dupondii, issued specifically on orichalcum and with radiate crown to denote the difference in value. This standard, set during Nero's reign, would remain constant for the duration of the dupondius. It would also set the standard for the radiate crown denoting the 'double' value, the same principle was applied to the antoninianus to differentiate it from the denarius. - Thanks to Steve McBride for the description
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