Thracian arrowhead money. INSCRIBED

Ancient Coins - Thracian arrowhead money.  INSCRIBED
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This lot includes both examples in the image, both of which are inscribed with the letter "A".  The exact meaning of this letter is not known, but I personally believe it is an abbreviation for the city of Apollonia Pontika in Thrace.

The smaller flat example is a pseudo-arrowhead, measuring 24.7 mm long, 7.6 mm wide, and 1.7 mm thick, 1.40 grams.  The side with "A" has a central rib, but the back (not shown) is flat (the common un-inscribed examples have ribs on both sides.  Inscribed examples of the pseudo-arrowheads are rare. I have seen others.

The larger example is a fully functional sharp tri-lobed arrowpoint, with a very clear "A" on it, 33.8 mm long and 8.6 mm wide, 4.03 grams.  This the first fully functional arrowpoint of this type I have seen inscribed with an "A".

The pseudo-arrowheads were almost certainly used as a form of money, closely related to the dolphin-shaped coins of Olbia.  Functional arrowheads and pseudo-arrowheads are often found togeather, which is strong evidence they both circulated as money.  The "A" on this example suggests they were issued from the same mint (probably Apollonia Pontica).  

The exact period during which these circulated is not well understood, but I believe it was probably prior to the 3rd century BC.

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