Sui Dynasty, AD 589 to 604. Wu Shu, S-253

Ancient Coins - Sui Dynasty, AD 589 to 604. Wu Shu, S-253
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The Sui Dynasty Wu Shu coins were probably the first sand mold cast coins of China as well as the last issue of the Wu Shu series.  The arms of the character 'WU' are much straighter than earlier Wu Shu issues, and the wide rims and well finished edges are very different than any previous issue of Wu Shu.

Emperor : attributed to Emperor Wen, AD 589 to 604.

Denomination : Bronze Wu Shu.

Reference Schjoth-253.

Size : 22.6 mm.  Weight : 2.54 grams.

Grade : gVF, brown patina with some green encrustations.

Obverse : "Wu Shu" with straight arms on the Wu character.

Reverse : blank except for rims.

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