Macedonian Cities, Amphipolis. Silver tetrobol.

Ancient Coins - Macedonian Cities, Amphipolis.  Silver tetrobol.
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Macedonian Cities, Amphipolis.

Denomination : Silver tetrobol.

: SNG COP 1285.  Sear-1387 variety.

Size : 14.2 X 15.3 mm. Weight : 2.24 grams.
Grade : XF but rough metal.

Obverse : Helmet flanked by various symbols and greek letters.

Reverse : Macedonian shield with a club in the centre, and with MAKE in two lines above and below (an abreviation for MACEDONIAN). 

CNG COP attributes this type to the time of Philip V and Perseus. ca. 185 to 168 BC, but Sear places it to the slightly later date of ca. 158 to 149 BC.  The difference is critical because in 168 BC the Macedonian Kingdom was dissolved and replaced by Roman rule of the Macedonian Republic.  As the type is similar to other coins issued by the Romans under the Macedonian Republic, I tend to accept that dating.

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