Knidos, ca. 390 to 330 BC. Silver diobol.

Ancient Coins - Knidos, ca. 390 to 330 BC. Silver diobol.
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Knidos in Caria. 

Denomination : Silver diobol.

Sear lists this type as a hemidrachm with a weight standard of 1.8 grams, but I have recently had a chance to examine a number of specimens from several different sources (one of them a 19th century collection) and the average weights are about 1.2 to 1.3 grams, which means the actual denomination has to be a diobol.

Reference : Sear Greek #4845 variety.

Size : 11.3 x 11.8 mm. Weight : 1.30 grams.

Grade : VF

Obverse : Head of Aphrodite right.

Reverse : Bulls head forward, with KNI above, and a magistrates name to the left.  The magistrates name is in part off the flan but as far as I can make it out is reads SWG xx ATOS with the xx two letters that are to far off the flan to make out.

Please note that at only 11 mm, this is a fairly small coin.

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