Germanic Tribes in the early Dark Ages.

Ancient Coins - Germanic Tribes in the early Dark Ages.
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Germanic or related Tribal.  These are generally found in the black sea region.

Denomination : Silver unit.

Size : 17.0 x 17.4 mm.  Weight : 1.90 grams.

Date : probably late 6th to 7th century AD.

Grade : Fine with rough surfaces.

Obverse :  Human head in very stylized geometric form, with spiky hair and a "V" shaped nose.

Reverse : Standing angel with the wings in in the form of a triangle to each side.

This coin comes from a poorly understood series of coins.  They are common accepted as being a tribal coinage from central or eastern Europe in the 3rd to 4th century AD, but in spite is this being commonly accepted it is almost certain incorrect.

My personal belief is that they are late 6th to 7th century AD, which I base on that I believe the designs are derived from the Pseudo-Imperial merovingian gold tremissis coinage issued in the lower Rhineland between about AD 500 and 580, and so cannot pre-date those issues.  See MEC, plate 19, #373 to 382 for illustrations of thee prototypes (the reverse of #375, and obverse of #382 are particularly similar).

The obverse head on this type is very similar to some early British Anglo-Saxon Sceattas of the Primary series issued at the end of the 7th and early in the 8th century AD (See Spink #784 for an illustration of an example), but at this point there is no reason to believe there is any direct connection between the two types.

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