Egyptian Lamp. ca. 1st to 2nd century AD. Frog Style.

Ancient Coins - Egyptian Lamp. ca. 1st to 2nd century AD.  Frog Style.
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Size : 80.5 mm long  x  72.3 mm wide x 32.0 mm thick.

Material : Light tan color clay.

Age : 1st to 2nd century AD

Condition : Generally good, but there is minor flaking of the surface slip, mostly around the nozel.    There is also minor abrassions and very minor surface cracking consistent with actual use and age.

Reference : An almost identical lamp, with the same makers mark, is listed and illustrated in QEDEM, MONOGRAPHS OF THE INSTITUTE OF ARCHAEOLOGY, THE HEBREW UNIVERSITY OF JERSULAEM #8, lamp #254.

The earliest lamps of this series appeared in Egypt during the 1st century BC, and had clear designs of a frog on them, and thus these lamps are known as 'frog lamps'.  Over time the design evolved so that the features of the frog were distorted into other forms, and on this lamp the frogs legs have become palm branches.

There is a clear makers mark on the base, but I have not been able to determine what it represents.
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