Divo Augustus. Antoninianus struck by Trajan Decius.

Ancient Coins - Divo Augustus. Antoninianus struck by Trajan Decius.
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Denomination : Silver Antoninianus.  

Date : Struck by Trajan Decius ca. AD 249 to 251 (see note below).

Size : 20.6 x 22.8 mm   Weight : 3.51 grams.
Reference : Sear (old) - 534, Sear (new) - 9459

Grade :  VF but the reverse struck from a slightly worn die.

Obverse : Radiate head of Augustus right, with DIVO AVGVSTO around.

Reverse : Large flaming altar, with CONSECRATIO around.

Trajan Decius is thought to have struck a series of antoninianii commemorating earlier Emperors, but why his did so, and how he chose which ones he would commemorate, appears to be a mystery.  Most coins in this series are found with weak reverses, as on this specimen. 

The dating of these coins to the time of Decius is probable, but not certain, and they may have been issued very slightly later under Trebonianus Gallus.

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