China. T'ang Dynasty. Emperor Wu Tsung. AD 841 to 846.

Ancient Coins - China. T'ang Dynasty. Emperor Wu Tsung. AD 841 to 846.
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Kai Yuan style 1 cash with a mint mark on the reverse.

Date :  These are generally assigned to the reign of Wu Tsung, AD 841 to 846, but it is more likely that the mint marked issues were first cast during his reign but continued to be cause for many years after.

Denomination : Bronze 1 cash.  Mint : ChinKiang in Kiangsu.

Reference  : Schjoth-393. 

Size : 23.5 mm.   Weight : 2.98 grams.

Grade : Good/VG, with encrustations on the reverse.

Obverse : 'K'AI YUAN T'UNG PAO'.

Reverse : JUN at the top.

The mint marks were added to the molds via a separate stamp after the main coins were impressed.  As a result the mint marks were often slightly more deeply impressed than the rest of the coin, which means that after casting the mint marks were higher and more subject to wear than the other characters.  For this reason it is difficult to find T'ang mint marked coins where the mint marks are not very worn, and normally much more worn the the obverse.

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