China bronze Halberd blade, 400 BC to AD 200.

Ancient Coins - China bronze Halberd blade, 400 BC to AD 200.
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Dynasty : Later Zhou (Warring states) to Han.

This form of Halberd blade could have been made during either period and it is not really possible to be certain if any given example is from the Zhou (prior to 255 BC) Chin (255 to 205 BC) or the Han Dynasty (205 BC to 220 AD).

Halberd blades to attached to long poles and used as a pole axe type weapon.  There are some numismatists who consider them to be have also been used as an early type of coinage, but aside from that in early china almost anything made of bronze might have been used as a form of primative money, I have seen nothing to suggest they were actually made to be used as money.

Date : anytime from 400 BC to AD 100.

Size : 190 mm long on the blade and tang, 90 mm across the upright.

Weight : 169.9 grams.

Condition : intact with slight sandy green patination.

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