Thrace, Pantikapaion: AR trihemiobol – Lion head/Windmill pattern

Ancient Coins - Thrace, Pantikapaion: AR trihemiobol – Lion head/Windmill pattern
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Thrace, Pantikapaion: AR trihemiobol, ca. 438/7-430 BC, 1.30gm, 12.8mm.  Obv: Lion head or scalp seen from above.  Rev: Quadripartite incuse square windmill pattern with stellate pattern in catecorner “sail” pair, A and Π in other catecorner “sail” pair.  MacDonald 12; c.f. SNG Ashmolean 3392 (“diobol”).  gVF


We rely on MacDonald in classifying this coin to the 438/7-430 BC period.  The weight is spot on for a trihemiobol of this time period, and the size isn’t too far out of line for this denomination, considering the oblong flan; the pattern on the reverse and the obverse style all match types from this time period.  The MacDonald example from this period (a higher denomination than this coin) shows an obverse with lion’s paws visible, however dies for the smaller denominations probably lacked room for paws.


The A and Π in the "sails" likely abbreviate Apollonia, the former name of the city, rather than the Π and A in Pantikapaion.


Alternate spellings: Panticapaion, Panticapaeum

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