Perspectives on the Renaissance Medal edited by Stephen K. Scher

Ancient Coins - Perspectives on the Renaissance Medal edited by Stephen K. Scher
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The American Numismatic Society, New York, 2000. American Numismatic Society Numismatic Studies, no. 23 (ANSNS #23). 240 pages large format 11.50" x 8.75", illustrated through with excellent photographs of Renaissance medals. Hardcover. First Edition. Hardcover, NEW copy, full colour dustjacket, black linen cloth cover with gold gilt stamping to front & spine. Many illustrative plates, Garland Studies in the Renaissance Volume 11, Garland Reference of the Humanities. Pisanell's Paragoni, Coins, includes errata sheet. ISBN 0815320744. Publisher's price US $52.00!

The papers published in this book were delivered at two conferences held in conjunction with the exhibition, The Currency of Fame: Portrait Medals of the Renaissance. Comprises papers delivered at two symposia held in the spring and autumn of 1994 in conjunction with the exhibition "The Currency of Fame: Portrait Medals of the Renaissance." Scholars from disciplines including art history, literature, numismatics, and archival research offer new perspectives and describe new methods of interpretation in the field. After an introduction on origins of the Renaissance medal, essays explore areas such as early manifestation of the portrait medal in Germany, the use of the impresa on 15th-century Italian medals, and the kinds of images chosen by early Renaissance princes to illustrate the bases of their power. Includes b&w photos.

Table of Contents
* An Introduction to "Perspectives on the Renaissance Medal" Stephen K. Scher 
* Giovanni Bernardi and the Question of Medal Attributions in Sixteenth Century Italy, Philip Attwood
* Changing Patterns of Antiquarianism in the Imagery of the Italian Renaissance Medal, John Cunnally 
* Correct and Incorrect: The Composition of Medallic Reverses in Late Seventeenth Century France, Mark Jones 
* 'Un gran pelago': The Impresa and the Medal Reverse in Fifteenth Century Italy, Kristen Lippincott 
* Ancient Themes on Erzgebirgishen Medals, Hermann Maue 
* Text and Image:Themes on Reverse of Fifteenth and Sixteenth Century Medals, Graham Pllard 
* A Creative Moment: Thoughts on the Genesis of the German Portrait Medal, Jeffrey Chipps Smith 
* Mint and Medal in the Reniassnace, Alan Stahl; and Medal in the Renaissance, Alan Stahl; 
Pisanello's Paragoni, Raymond Waddington 
* "The Modern Lysippus": A Roman Quattrocento Medalist in Context, Louis Alexander Waldman 
* Visual constructions of the Art of War: Images for Machiavelli's Prince, Joanna Woods-Marsden 

Ancient Coins - Perspectives on the Renaissance Medal edited by Stephen K. Scher
Ancient Coins - Perspectives on the Renaissance Medal edited by Stephen K. Scher
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