Probus Silvered AE Antoninianus. Felicitas standing right with caduceus & cornucopiae

Ancient Coins - Probus Silvered AE Antoninianus. Felicitas standing right with caduceus & cornucopiae
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Probus Silvered AE Antoninianus. IMP C PROBVS P F AVG, radiate, cuirassed bust right / TEMPOR FELICIT, Felicitas standing right with caduceus & cornucopiae, B to left. Cohen 727. GVF and unusual.

Marcus Aurelius Probus was a great general who rebelled against Florian successfully in 276 AD. He fought and pacified the entire empire, but met his end when he enraged his troops - now with nobody left to fight - by having them plant vinyards and do other non-military work, and was murdered by them in 282 AD.

In Roman mythology, Felicitas was the goddess or personification of good luck and success. She played an important role in Rome's state religion during the empire, and was frequently portrayed on coins. She became a prominent symbol of the wealth and prosperity of the Roman Empire.

Felicitas was unknown before the mid-2nd century BC, when a temple was dedicated to her in the Velabrum in the Campus Martius by Lucius Licinius Lucullus, using booty from his 151�150 BC campaign in Spain. The temple was destroyed by a fire during the reign of Claudius and was never rebuilt.

Another temple in Rome was planned by Julius Caesar and was erected after his death by Marcus Aemilius Lepidus on the site of the Curia Hostilia, which had been restored by Lucius Cornelius Sulla but demolished by Caesar in 44 BC. This temple no longer existed by the time of Hadrian, and its site probably lies under the church of Santi Martina e Luca.
The word felicitas, "luck", is also the source of the word and name felicity
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