Otho, Silver Denarius

Ancient Coins - Otho, Silver Denarius
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Otho,Silver Denarius, RIC-I-8-R2, struck 69 at Rome, 3.44 grams, 17 mm. NiceF

Marcus Salvius Otho was born in A.D. 32.  He was a friend of Nero who fell in love with his wife Poppaea Sabina.  Nero therefore sent him to Lusitania as governor.  On Nero�s death he supported Galba and hoped to be his successor.  Galba, however, adopted L. Piso, whereupon Otho revolted and was hailed emperor on 15th Jan. 69 on the assassination of Galba.  The legions on the Rhine, however, chose Vitellius, who marched to Italy.  Otho�s army was beaten and he committed suicide on the 16th of April.

Obverse: Bare head right.  IMP.OTHO.CAESAR.AVG.TR.P. 

Reverse: SECVRITAS PR - Securitas draped, standing left, right hand holding wreath, left a sceptre

Ralistic portrait and a famous rarity.  

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