Nero. A.D. 54-68. AR denarius. Rome, A.D. 61-62. VF

Ancient Coins - Nero. A.D. 54-68. AR denarius. Rome, A.D. 61-62. VF
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Nero. A.D. 54-68. AR denarius (19 mm, 3.3g). Rome, A.D. 61-62. NERO. CAESAR. AVG. IMP., bare head right / PONTIF MAX TR P VIII COS IIII P P, EX S C across field, Virtus standing right, holding shield. RIC 34; BMC 30; RSC 222. VF, attractive coin,some porosity.

Nero Clavdivs Drvsvs Germanicvs Caesar was born in 37 to Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus and Agrippina Jr. His mother married Claudius after Messalina's execution in 48, and Claudius adopted Nero. He became Augustus on October 13, 54 upon Claudius' death. He reigned well under the advice of Seneca and his mother until he retired in 62 and the unprincipled Tigellinus became his advisor. Nero drifted into caring only for his artistic pursuits, he did away with his mother, and resentment built among serious-minded Romans until Galba, the Governor of Spain, rebelled in 68. Nero's support dissolved and he committed suicide on June 9, 68. His final words were reported to be "Oh what an artist dies with me."

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