Mark Antony Legionary Denaris, 32-31 BC. LEG XIII.

Ancient Coins - Mark Antony Legionary Denaris,  32-31 BC.  LEG XIII.
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Mark Antony. 32-31 BC. AR Legionary Denarius. Praetorian galley right / LEG XIII, legionary eagle between two standards. Cr544/27; Syd 1232a. RSC 0042. No.3481. gFine. 3.3g.

The thirteenth legion was recruited by Julius Caesar in 57 BCE, during the war in Gaul, before he attacked the Belgians. He implies the existence of a thirteenth legion in his account of the battle against the Nervians, describes how it encountered the Aremoricans and states that it was present during the siege of Gergovia.

During the civil war against Pompey, the men were with Caesar when he crossed the Rubico in January 49. The Thirteenth was the legion with which, as the historian Livy said, Caesar assailed the world.

See the whole interesting story of Legion XIII HERE.

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