Galeria Valeria, Wife of Galerius.Venus, AE Follis

Ancient Coins - Galeria Valeria, Wife of Galerius.Venus, AE Follis
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Galeria Valeria, Wife of Galerius, AE Follis

Galeria Valeria, AE Follis Obv: GAL VALERIA AVG., Diademed, draped bust right Rev: VENERI VICTRICI, Venus standing facing, head left, holding up apple in right hand, raising drapery over shoulder with left hand Very nice surfaces and well centered strike

Galeria Valeria was the daughter of Diocleian and wife of Galerius. When Galerius died, Maximinus Herculeus wanted to marry her, but she spurned him and wound up murdered by the forces of Licinius

Venus is a Roman goddess principally associated with love, broadly, although not completely, equivalent to Greek Aphrodite and Etruscan Turan.Her cult began in Ardea and Lavinium, Latium. On August 18, 293 BC, her oldest temple was built. August 18 was then a festival called the Vinalia Rustica. On April 1, the Veneralia was celebrated in honor of Venus Verticordia, the protector against vice. On April 23, 215 BC, a temple was built outside the Colline gate on the Capitol dedicated to Venus to commemorate the Roman defeat at the Battle of Lake Trasimene.Julius Caesar introduced Venus Genetrix as a goddess of motherhood and domesticity.Venus was often referred to with epithet Venus Erycina ("of the heather").Venus became a popular subject of painting and sculpture during the Renaissance period in Europe. As a "classical" figure for whom nudity was her natural state, it was socially acceptable to depict her unclothed. As the goddess of sexual healing, a degree of erotic beauty in her presentation was justified, which had an obvious appeal to many artists and their patrons. Over time, "venus" came to refer to any artistic depiction of a nude woman, even when there was no indication that the subject was the goddess.
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