Elagabalus AE18 of Nikopolis,Beautiful bunch of grapes !!Rare

Ancient Coins - Elagabalus AE18 of Nikopolis,Beautiful  bunch of grapes !!Rare
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Elagabalus AE18 of Nikopolis, Moesia Inferior. AV K M AVP ANTWNINOC, laureate, draped & cuirassed bust right / NIKOPOLEITWN PROC, bunch of grapes. Very interesting and Beautiful  bunch of grapes -rare coin!! Good VF.

Varius Avitus Bassianus (218-222 AD), better known as Elagabalus after the name of his god, was renamed Marcus Aurelius Antoninus to more closely be associated with his cousin Caracalla. (Rumors of Caracalla being his father were fostered in order to strengthen his claim to the throne.) As a boy he was consecrated a priest of the sun god in the great temple in Emesa. When he rose to power, he had the Stone of Emesa transported to Rome, and insisted that it be an object of public worship. His unpopularity grew as his cruelty, extravagance, and depravity alienated all segments of Roman society. The Praetorian guards assassinated Elagabalus -- only 18 years old -- and his mother Julia Soaemias in 222, and he was replaced by his cousin Severus Alexander, while the Stone of Emesa was returned to its temple in Syria.

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