Commodus AE30 of Nikopolis ad Istrum.

Ancient Coins - Commodus AE30 of Nikopolis ad Istrum.
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Commodus AE30 of Nikopolis ad Istrum. .

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Commodus AE30 of Nikopolis ad Istrum. Governor Claudius Attalus. AVT KAI M AVP KOMODOC, laureate cuirassed bust right / HGE KL ATTALOV NIKOPOL PROCI, Zeus enthroned left with scepter, eagle at feet.

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Governor Claudius Attalus, previously known on only one other coin of Nikopolis, is a character known from history for having fallen afoul of Elagabalus' favorite, Publius Valerius Comazon, a low born dancer who was elevated to high station.

Cassius Dio writes:
In Arabia he put to death Pica Caerianus, who was in charge of that province, because he had not immediately declared his allegiance to the new ruler; and in Cyprus, Claudius Attalus, because he had once offended Comazon. Attalus had once been governor of Thrace, had been expelled from the senate by Severus during the war with Niger, but had been restored to it by Tarautas, and had at this time been assigned by the lot to Cyprus. He had incurred Comazon's ill will by having once sent him to the galleys for some wrong-doing of which he was guilty while serving in Thrace. Yet this Comazon, in spite of having such a character and a name derived from mimes and buffoonery, now commanded the Pretorians, though he had been tried in no position of responsibility or command whatever, except that over the camp; and he obtained the rank of consul and later actually became consul, and also city prefect, and that not once only, but even a second and a third time -- a thing that had never before happened in the case of anybody else; hence this will be counted as one of the greatest violations of precedent.

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Commodus was the son of Marcus Aurelius and was made co-emperor in 177 AD. He was a megalomaniac who fancied himself the reincarnation of Hercules, and was killed in 192 AD.

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