Clodius Albinus.AR Denarius.Aesculapius.

Ancient Coins - Clodius Albinus.AR Denarius.Aesculapius.
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Clodius Albinus. A.D. 193-197.AR Denarius.19 mm.�3.40 grams,Struck in Rome,�193AD...D. CLOD. SEPT. ALBIN. CAES. Head, bare, r.
R�COS. II. Aesculapius standing l., holding serpent-wreathed rod.� RIC 44, 2. Cohen 9. F.

Decimus Clodius Septimius Albinus was the Governor of Britain at the time of the murder of Pertinax and was declared emperor there in 193 AD. He accepted a junior role under Septimius Severus while Septimius dealt with Pescennius Niger in the East. As soon as that was accomplished, however, Septimius came after him, and he too was defeated and commited suicide in 197 AD.

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