Ancient Coins - ALEXANDER III THE GREAT.336-323 BC. Bronze
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ALEXANDER III THE GREAT.336-323 BC. Bronze 18mm(7.3gm ) BEAUTIFUL PATINA.Head of Herakles right, wearing lion Skin OB. / ALEXANDROU between bow in case & quiver & club; Sg6739 of Macedonia, Kings, Alexander III v

 Alexander the Great of Macedonia inherited his father's dream of conquering the Persian empire. Soon after his father's assassination in 336 B.C., Alexander led Greek and Macedonian forces into Asia Minor, sweeping down the coast and liberating its Greek cities from the Persians. He occupied Syria and Phoenicia and was accepted as pharaoh of Egypt. There he founded the important city of Alexandria and visited the oracle of Zeus Ammon, where he was recognized as a son of Zeus. He then turned eastward toward Mesopotamia, where he defeated the main army of the Persians. Finally, he pushed further eastward, beyond the Indus River, where in 327 B.C. his exhausted troops forced him to turn back. On the return Alexander began to secure and organize his far-flung empire, but in the summer of 323 B.C. he died of fever in Babylonia.

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