Jivaro Headhunter Indian's Pot

Ancient Coins - Jivaro Headhunter Indian's Pot
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A very nice pot from the 1950's from the Jivaro tribe of headhunters in South America. This pot measures 4-1/2" tall and 5" in diameter.

In the history of Latin America, only one tribe successfully resisted the conquistadors (and before the Incas). The Jivaro Indians, from the Spanish word for heathens, were described as "crueler than nature." Still reputed as an intensely warlike group, they remain tremendously protective of their freedom and unwilling to subordinate themselves to other authorities. Their fierce fighting reputation and the hostile living conditions continued to discourage outsiders from entering their territories.

Although many other cultures through-out the world practiced head-hunting, the Shuar clan of the Jivaro tribe became famous for their practice of shrinking and preserving human heads. A shrunken head taken in battle by the Shuar was called a tsantsa (�sansha�).

This pot was made by the Jivaro Indian tribe in South America.

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