Roman Empire, Augustus 27 BC-14 AD, Denarius

Ancient Coins - Roman Empire, Augustus 27 BC-14 AD, Denarius
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Head of Augustus "SPQR IMP CAESARI AVG COS XI TRI POT VI" (starting about 9 O'clock)

Triumphal arch with two side arches, Augustus in a facing quadriga above, a figure to each side. The left one holds a signum. The right one holds a signum.  The right one holds a aquila "CIVIB ET SIGN MILIT A PART R[ECVP]"

RIC I 132

Struck 18 BC - Spanish mint.  Very minor cleaning scratches around some of the letters. Banker's mark on Augustus' neck.  In the revese legend the celator forgot the "A" and then added it above the rest of the description.  Interesting little error.
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