Kingdom of Sicily: Manfred 1258-66 Denaro

Ancient Coins - Kingdom of Sicily: Manfred 1258-66 Denaro
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Obv: "+AYNFR.REX" "M" inside

Rev: "+SICILIE"  ornate cross

Spahr 204

Manfred was the illegitemate son of Frederick II.  As Conrad II (Conradin) was a youth living in Germany, Manfred was able to use his absence to gain influance.  In 1258, there was a rumor that Conrad II had died.  Manfred swiftly assumed the title of King.  He may very well have started the rumor.   Manfred continued to gain influance in northern Italy as well.  The popes, had been consistanty fearful of the Hohenstaufen dynasty since Frederick Barbarossa almost 100 years earlier.    With Manfred's rising influance the Pope asked Charles of Anjou - Brother to Louis of France to rid him of this dynasty.   Charles defeated Manfred in 1266 and became King of Sicily.   Conradin, who had not died, returned to Sicily with his german forces but was defeated and killed in 1268 by Charles.

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