Gaius Sosius Imperator Circa 38 BC AE21

Ancient Coins - Gaius Sosius  Imperator Circa 38 BC  AE21
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8.61g 21mm in diameter

Obv: Bust of Gaius Sosius (?) right

Rev: Fiscus, sella, quaestoria and hasta; Q below.

This coin has been attributed to Brutus, Augustus and Julius Caesar.  More recently, the prevailing theory has been that it is of Gaius Sosius struck in or around Syria. 

Gaius Sosius was a general in the service of Marc Antony in the east.  He was Quaestor in 39 BC (note the "Q" on the reverse) and govenor of Syria in 38BC.  When Marc Antony supported Herod in Judaea against Antigonus, Sosius commanded the Roman forces involved.  He wound up back in Rome after assisting in the struggle with Sextus Pompey.  In 32 BC, as the struggle between Octavian and Marc Antony approached he returned to Antony.   He commanded the left wing of Antony's naval forces in the battle of Actium in 31 BC.  His maneuvers allowed Antony and Cleopatra to escape when the battle was going very badly for them.  He survived and was pardoned by Octavian.

Compare to Triton V #521

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