Constantius II 337-361 Centenionalis - Struck under Vetranio 350 AD

Ancient Coins - Constantius II 337-361 Centenionalis - Struck under Vetranio 350 AD
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Flan as struck with imperfection

Obv: Bust of Constantius II right "A" behind "[DN]CONSTAN-TIUS PF AVG"

Rev: Emperor standing left holding a standard with Chi-Rho symbol.  Victory stands behind placing a wreath on his head. "HOC SIGNO VICTOR ERIS" = "with this sign you will be victorius" "ESIS." in exergue "A" to left.

The reverse is a reference to the battle between Constantine and Maxentius at the Milvian Bridge in 312AD.  At this battle, Constantine is said to have had vision from God instructing him to have this symbol on the shields of his men and follow it into battle.

This type was generally struck under Vetranio.  Vetranio was declared emperor by his troops in 350AD. At this time, both he and Magnentius attempted to be recognized as co-emperor by Constantius II.   Vetranio eventually abdicated to Constantius II.(Magnentius bid was rejected and he was militarily defeated.)  There is a bit of a debate as to whether Vetranio being declared emperor was a plan to keep his troops from declaring loyalty to Magnentius or he truly was looking to be recognized in the purple.

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