INDO-SASANIAN: Shahpur III Gold dinar, Sind mint. RARE and CHOICE!


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Obverse Bust of king right, wearing flat-topped crown with a crescent and korymbos, Brahmi letter sri in right field, remnants of legend at right, circular border around
Reverse Fire altar with head of Ahura Mazda emerging from the flames, armed attendants on either side
Date c. 383-388 CE
Weight 7.28 gm.
Diameter 22 mm.
Die axis 3 o'clock
Reference unlisted
Comments Although a few coins similar to this one have appeared in some recent auctions, it is unlisted in any catalogues and was not included by Senior in his article on the coins of Sind in ONS 129, where he said: "No coins have yet been found for Shapur III".
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