Ancient Greek Silver Tetradrachm Coin of Akanthos - 510 BC


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A superb and rare ancient Greek archaic silver tetradrachm from the city of Akanthos, on the Chalcidian peninsula. Struck circa 510 - 480 BC.


The obverse with a striking work of archaic art showing a muscular lioness leaping onto her prey, a large, powerfully built bull. The lioness is shown sinking her jaws into the beast's rump, tearing at its flesh with her claws as it buckles from beneath her. Bucranium below and rosette above.


The reverse with quadripartite incuse punch.



Akanthos was a wealthy city in central Macedonia, surrounded by fertile lands and rich silver mines. During the archaic period the wealth of the region was transformed into large silver tetradrachms which were traded and exported around the ancient world.


These medallic like coins have magnificent and powerful depictions of two great beasts locked in mortal combat. The depiction has been given an almost sculptural treatment and represents a fine work of archaic art at its very best.


Some scholars have suggested that this distinctive emblem and later versions of it may actually be linked with real events. Herodotus records that the camels of the great Persian army of Xerxes were attacked by lions as they attempted to cross the Greek mainland through Akanthos in 480 BC.



Diameter: 29 mm.


Weight: 16.85 g.




From the collection of the renowned numismatist, Richard P Miller.

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