x Cleopatra and Marc Antony Double Portrait Denarius . Extremely Rare . 34 - 31 BC .


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Cleopatra VII�and Marc Antony .� 34 - 31� BC .

Silver Denarius,� 3.4 gm

Obv :��CLEOPATRAE REGINAE REGVM FILIORVM REGVM ;� �Diademed and draped bust of Cleopatra right.

Rev :��ANTONI ARMENIA DEVICTA ;� Bare head of Antony right,
Armenian tier behind.

References :��Cr 543/1 ; Sear 1515 (RCV 2000). Valued by Sear in VF at $2,000.


��� An important issue of denarii features the obverse portrait of Cleopatra with a small prow before, and the reverse portrait of Antony (Crawford 543). The clumsy style obverse Latin legend translates as, "of Cleopatra, Queen of Kings, (and) of (her) sons,
who are Kings."� Both sides have a dotted border. The reverse Latin legend translates as, "of Antony, since Armenia has been defeated." Of all Cleopatra's coinage, this issue most clearly proclaims the dynastic ambitions set forth by Antony in the "Donations of
Alexandria". Antony's "Donations of Alexandria" listed a number
�of provinces as the kingdoms of Cleopatra and her children.

� This is the only issue of denarii for Cleopatra, and her only issue with Latin legends,� not Greek.

�� The preferential placement of Cleopatra's portrait on this issue
suggests the mint officials placed their Queen above her consort, Mark Antony. Sear writes, "careless engraving and shoddy execution. . . together with the imprecise form of the Latin, is consistent with their production by a mint which was unaccustomed to striking Roman coinage (i.e. Alexandria)," connected to Antony's triumph in 34 BC.

(from wildwinds)




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