INDIA, WESTERN KSHATRAPAS: Jivadaman (c.197-198 CE) Silver drachm, Legend A, year S. 119. RARE and CHOICE!


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Obverse Head of king right, blundered Greek legend around
Reverse Crescented three-arched hill (chaitya), river below, crescent moon at left, sun at right, Brahmi legend around (at 5:30, clockwise): Rajno Mahakshatrapasa Damajadasriyaputrasa Rajno Mahakshatrapasa Jivadamna
Date S. 119 = 197 CE
Weight 2.06 gm.
Diameter 15 mm.
Die axis 3 o'clock
Reference Senior 336.1
The coins of Jivadaman are rare and very hard to find. On this coin, we see the name Jivadaman very clearly, can identify the legend as type A (in which the king's name is Jivadamna and the father's name is Damajadasriya) and can also identify the date ... a trifecta that puts it into a very rare category!
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