Large lot of Numismatic Literature Catalogs and Auctions.


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Sixteen catalogs of numismatic literature sales, plus four catalogs of antique maps, offered as a group:

Malter 89: The Alex G. Malloy Library, a huge sale of over 1500 lots.

Hess-Divo / Kunker Auktion 312: The Numismatic Library of Alexander Wild , over 1400 lots.

David F. Fanning Auction 1, 787 lots, nicely cataloged.

Charles Davis, Mail Bid sales (2)

George Frederick Kolbe, Fixed Price Lists (4)

American Numismatic Society, Rare Numismatic Book Auction.

David Brown Book Co., Distributed Titles, Fall 2003.

CNG, List of Books for Sale (3)

Moneta Numismatic Sales List

van der Dussen - Numusmatic Books, Fixed Price List 2001.

Jonathan Potter, Catalogs of Antique Maps (4).

An excellent overview of what's out there and what things are worth. All items in excellent condition.

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