Arab Byzantine : Two Standing Figures, ca. 636-640, AE fals, N[eapolis] (Nablus). Album A-3502N


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Arab Byzantine
Two Standing Figures
ca. 636-640
AE fals (5.06g)
N[eapolis] (Nablus)
ex : Stephen Album
Album A-3502N 
Year is pseudo-25, largely off flan on this piece, mint CON in exergue, letter K between the heads of the 2 standing figures, crude Fine, RRR.

The type is derived from the follis of Heraclius & his son Heraclius Constantine, struck 630-640, his regnal years 20-30 (Sear-810). The actual mint is indicated by the letter N in lieu of the officina mark, and copying the date "25" from the Byzantine prototype.
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