Postumus HERC DEVSONIENSI…bronze

Ancient Coins - Postumus HERC DEVSONIENSI…bronze
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A.D. 265

Ӕ Antoninianus

21x22mm    2.9gm

IMP C POSTVMVS P F AVG; Radiate, draped, cuirassed bust right.

HERC DEVSONIENSI; Hercules standing facing, head right, right hand resting on club, bow in left hand and lion's skin draped over arm.

RIC V 64


"As further examples of the encouragement of the cult of Hercules by Postumus we have coins...which provide evidence of special cults of Hercules in the territory in Germany which Postumus controlled. These show Hercules with the legends HERCVLI DEVSONIENSI and HERCVLI MAGVSANO, 'The Hercules of Deuso' and 'The Hercules of Magusa', these being two towns on the Rhine and Moselle respectively."

from A Dictionary of Ancient Roman Coins by John Melville Jones, pg 134-135


a nice example in bronze rather than the usual silver/billon
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