Constantius II SALVS AVG NOSTRI…Revolt of Poemenius

Ancient Coins - Constantius II SALVS AVG NOSTRI…Revolt of Poemenius
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Constantius II

circa A.D. 353

23mm   5.4gm

DN CONSTANTIVS P F AVG; pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right.

SALVS AVG NOSTRI; Chi-Rho flanked by A and W

In ex. TRS

RIC VIII Trier 332



This type was only struck at Trier and is attributed to the period known as the Revolt of Poemenius. This event would be completely lost to history except for the brief passage in Ammianus 15.6.4: “...Poemenius was condemned as a malefactor, hailed to execution and perished; he was the man (as we have told above) who was chosen to protect his fellow-citizens when Trier closed its gates against Decentius Caesar”.


Sometime in A.D. 353, the citizens of Trier revolted against Decentius and declared their support of Constantius II (SALVS AVG NOSTRI = Safety of our Augustus). Unfortunately for Poemenius, he was executed in A.D. 355, probably for his support of Silvanus.

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